Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yurtle and Elvis

I haven't blogged in a while. A lot happening, and a lot has happened in the last couple months. Let's just say that we're really looking forward to spring. :-)

On the running front (since mostly that's what I blog about), things are good. My leg feels better than it has since late 2008, and I'm finally getting in some long trail runs. This past weekend I went beyond 20 miles for the first time in more than a year. It makes me so happy to get up early and head out on long runs again. I look forward to it all week. And after this longest run in a year, I can honestly say my leg still felt good, and I'd dare say even better than ever when I followed it with shorter runs Monday and today. It's not perfect - it takes a while to loosen up, and it's still gets a bit sore now and then, but every week it feels stronger and stronger. I think my running form is improving too, as when I slip into bad habits my leg still lets me know (but even that seems to be getting milder and milder with each passing week). It's hard to believe that last summer I couldn't run an easy mile on a track without horrible pain!

I'm confident enough in my progress that I've signed up for another 100 miler, coming this September: The Pine to Palm 100: http://www.roguevalleyrunners.com/P2P100/raceinfo.html. I realize that after nearly a year off of any serious running, signing up for an arduous 100 mile race may not be the brightest idea. But it's still 7 months away. So what the heck. In the meantime, I'll probably squeeze in a "short" ultramarathon or two, probably the mac 50k and maybe something in March. What I probably won't do is set any ambitous race goals as far as placing high or finishing under a certain time, for any race prior to the 100 miler. As far as goals for the 100 miler itself, we'll see how the training goes. But hey, you only live once. I still have a sub-24 hour finish on my life "to-do" list. Might as well go after it on a seriously tough mountain course with 20,000 feet of ascent, too, right?
None of which has anything to do with sea turtles chasing well travelled scotch whiskey, nor Elvis Presley teddy bears on speed limit signs. I'll leave that as an excersize for the reader.